Line Edit


At this stage, the components of your story will be mostly set. Now it’s time to start polishing. We’ll look at your manuscript on a micro level, focusing on individual paragraphs and sentences, even words. More specifically, we’ll work on:

  1. Sentence and Paragraph Structure. We’ll make sure your sentences carry the rhythm and tone of the story.  Each sentence will be evaluated on the appropriate length and style of the overall piece. This may include combining or expanding certain sentences, as well as removing redundancy.
  2. Dialogue. Here we’ll make sure that characters speak in a way that is appropriate to the era, setting, circumstances, and themselves.
  3. Word Choice. This is the meat of your writing. Rather than change words, we’ll provide alternatives to consider (example: ran > fled, sprinted, charged).


What to Expect:

For a sample copy of edits, send us a piece of writing up to 1000 words. We will be happy to send you a free line edit for your review.


For services and information, email: