Our publishing advisors want to help you navigate the world of professional writing.  Our services include:

  • Editing (Developmental editing as well as copy editing)
  • Information on where to submit based on a writing analysis of your work
  • Individualized writing plans for future goals (This may include: publishing a book, publishing in a top tier magazine, writing for a popular blog)
  • Information on book publishing (independent publishing houses vs. self publishing and tips for marketing)
  • Formatting¬† guidelines

For more information, please email: PublishingAdvisors@gmail.com

The Benefits Of Working With A Publishing Advisor:

  • Information on acceptance and rejection rates per magazine
  • A clean and professional work of writing that is free of typos, grammar mistakes, and spelling errors
  • Upon publication we may review your writing on our site
  • Your writing is matched with specific magazines for publishing potential
  • Personalized writing plans help foster motivation and direction for future goals